Beddy's 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and more than ever now, people are switching to online stores to secure a gift for that one special person.

The online world is overflowing with gift ideas. When you’re so spoiled for choice, it’s hard to know where to look for the perfect present. You’ll want to find something unique, something useful, something that will truly make his or her day.

Here is our list of Valentine’s Day gifts your partner will love.

For gamers and binge-watchers

If your partner loves sinking into the sofa with a controller or remote in hand, you’ll know how quickly their space can get cluttered.

Your coffee table starts piling up with various remotes, snacks, console accessories and more—and soon enough, there’s no space left for actual coffee!

With our Couchy living room organiser, your loved one will have all their couchside essentials right at their fingertips. Next time they take a load off after a long day, they’ll enjoy a totally refreshing, comforting, clutter-free space, free to escape into the world of their favourite Netflix comedy or Nintendo Switch game.

Couchy couch organiser


For budding home cooks

Does your partner spend most of their spare time in the kitchen?

Perhaps your husband is a seasoned home chef—or maybe your girlfriend has just started experimenting with textures and flavours.

You may have thought about buying your favourite foodie a new, top-of-the-line gadget or appliance. But think about what home cooks really want—a clean, functional space to let their creative flair fly.

With a magnetic, wall-mounted knife holder, keeping a tidy kitchen is easier than ever.

Your beloved will feel like a genuine five-star chef with their knives proudly, cleanly, and safely displayed on the wall.

For certified sleepyheads

Does your boyfriend spend hours sleeping in on weekends? Is your wife’s favourite Valentine’s Day tradition breakfast in bed?

You’ll make their bedtime experience so much better with a Beddy XL.

A handy bedside organiser gives your naptime enthusiast a close, compact space to store everything they need for a perfect night’s sleep—a bottle of water, books, essential oils, reading tablets, and more.

They’ll also wake up to a comforting, mess-free space that is sure to bring a smile to their face—and a sense of refreshment that will last through Valentine’s Day and beyond.

We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating love!

- The Beddy team