Gifts for minimalists: Beddy’s 2020 Christmas gift guide


Welcome to Beddy’s 2020 Christmas gift guide!

We’re here to lay down some tips for shopping with Beddy as the holiday season approaches.

If you’ve been scrolling for a while, clicking from page to page, flooding your mind with questions like, “Would Mum like this?” or “Would this work better for my husband or my Dad?”, here’s your chance to get some answers!

We know you’re looking for minimal, sustainable, functional gifts. That’s why you’re here. But if you need a little extra help deciding which products will suit whom, read on.

For hard-working mums

Mums work hard all day long. When bedtime finally rolls around, they deserve a refresh.

Modern mums revel in the minimalist lifestyle. It’s a restorative, peaceful feeling to sink into a fresh, airy bed at night, free from the weight of mess and clutter.

Give your beloved mum the gift of simplicity with the original Beddy.

Cluttered side tables are a worry no more. Your mum will love the ease and freedom of having all her bedside essentials just an arm’s length away—without losing the liberating feeling of a clean sleeping space.

Beddy in Charcoal

For free-spirited youngsters

Lively kids and messy bedrooms sometimes go hand-in-hand.

If your son, daughter, niece or nephew struggle with tidying up, our Kiddy bedside organiser could help them change their ways.

Remember—the best way to help kids stay clutter-free is to make organising easy and fun!

For movie aficionados

Does your family member love the comforting, nostalgic feeling of movie nights? Perhaps your dad is a serious movie buff, or your sister keeps a catalogue of Christmas classics for every day of December.

With Couchy, movie-watching becomes a tranquil experience. Comfort soars to new heights. The movie lover in your life simply needs to reach down to grab a snack or that essential movie guide…

…and they’re ready to escape into the enchanting world of film.

Beddy XL in Silver

For remote workers

Is your friend or family member a freelancer or remote worker? If so, they may spend late nights on their laptop in bed.

To take the strain off those long evenings, we recommend the Beddy XL. Your loved one will enjoy a compact home office by their side, with space for a drink bottle (staying hydrated is essential!), notepads, pens, a laptop, and everything they’ll need to work in comfort and convenience.

Thank you

Thank you for reading through Beddy’s 2020 Christmas gift guide—we hope we’ve made your decision a little easier.

Have a magical holiday season!

- The Beddy Team