How to achieve the perfect minimalist living space

In recent years, minimalism has made a name for itself as more than just a design philosophy—but also a mantra for life. For many Australians, simple living is an ultimate goal—as we stray away from the grasps of working a typical nine-to-five job, buying expensive cars and filling our homes with junk, we move towards a new goal: utter simplicity.

Minimalism means more than simply owning less stuff. It means feeling better, sleeping better and living better, too. A clutter-free space makes way for a clutter-free mind.

Understand the principles of minimalism

The first step towards achieving the perfect minimalist living space is understanding what minimalism means. To reap all the benefits of simple living, try:

  • Letting your most-loved items take centre-stage
  • Choosing one stand-out piece, and letting it shine
  • Looking for pure, simple design elements
  • Allowing for plenty of white space and ample light
  • Eliminating excess
  • Choosing meaningful decor

The absolute basis of minimalism is choosing pieces that mean the world to you, and balancing this with functional choices. Make your favourite artwork the centrepiece of your room, and plan your other purchases around that one special piece.

Chair and side table with a plant a cup
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Choose your colour scheme carefully

Most minimalist colour schemes include a combination of white, a neutral tone such as brown or grey, and an accent colour. Having a strict colour scheme set in place is the best way to avoid purchases that don’t fit with your current design.

Choose plain colours like white for your walls, windows and some furniture pieces, with earthy colours like beige for your floors and couches. Add a pop of colour to your space with bright accent colours like blue or yellow.

Choose multi-purpose pieces

Innovative furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes are a minimalist’s dream! Consider intelligent storage solutions like drawers built into staircases, fold-out tables or slide-out storage units under your couch. To keep clutter at bay, try a multi-purpose storage solution such as the Couchy couch organiser, available in neutral tones to suit any minimalist design philosophy.

Making the most of the few pieces you have is the true essence of minimalism, sustainability and simple living.