How to get the most out of a small bedroom space

If you’re living in a small bedroom or dorm, you may struggle with making the most of what you’ve got. Maybe you’re not sure where to place your bed, or maybe there’s not even enough space to fit a dresser, desk or bedside table!

Thankfully, with the right storage solutions, there are ways to make a big impact out of the smallest space. Whether your room is narrow or oddly-shaped, or resembles an oversized shoebox, there are plenty of ways to maximise the space you do have available without experience that horrible “cramped” feeling. Read on to learn more about how to get the most of your small bedroom space.

1. Focus on simplicity

The age-old idiom “less is more” comes into play here. By keeping your styling plans simple, and limiting your furniture pieces to ones you truly need, you’ll still enjoy all the comforts of an inviting, airy bedroom without feeling overwhelmed.

Keeping your bed in the centre of the room is ideal—by having space to walk on either side, the room will feel more spacious, inviting and harmonious.

Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

2. Let the light shine through

Allowing natural light to flow through your bedroom space and reflect off of bright surfaces is the perfect way to create a sense of spaciousness. Adding mirrors in clever places like wardrobe doors or against your feature wall will bounce light around the room, once again adding to the illusion of space.

3. Ditch bulky nightstands

With two nightstands on either side of your bed, that’s a lot of used-up space! And that’s not to mention the reputation of nightstands as absolute clutter-magnets.

A bedside organiser, such as the Beddy XL, is a compact way to keep all of your bedside essentials neatly stowed away. With plenty of space for all of your self-care needs, including water bottles, magazines and laptops, you’ll set yourself up for a night of luxury without compromising on space.

4. Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are a smart storage solution, giving you plenty of room to store decorative pieces and essentials without stealing floor space. Wall-mounted shelves are cheap and easy to install, making them an essential choice for small bedrooms.

Reducing clutter, taking care of our spaces and investing more time in the things we really care about are some of the most effective ways to reduce stress