Keeping your bedroom clutter-free: a 5-step checklist

Living in a cluttered space can do more than make you feel a little out of whack. Clutter does wild things to your mind, like stressing you out, destroying your productivity and sending your anxiety levels through the roof!

The best way to design an airy living space that boosts health and inspires productivity is to do a full declutter. It’s simple: decide what matters most to you, and get rid of the rest.

Step one—get sorting

The first (and maybe the hardest!) step is to sort your belongings into three piles. Pile one is for your favourite things—the much-loved possessions you’d never want to part with. Pile two is for storage—items you don’t use every day, but are seasonally useful, like winter coats or bathing suits. Pile three is for the things you don’t love—they’ll be donated, recycled or handed down to friends or family members.

For your ‘storage’ pile, keep everything arranged neatly in containers and label them well. This way, your storage area will stay neat and tidy, and you can easily pull out that cute bathing suit when the temperature starts to heat up!

Step two—go through your first pile again

Often, we attach ourselves to items of clothing or other possessions that don’t have true intrinsic value. That adorable dress you wore to see your favourite movie four years ago might bring back wonderful memories—but do you wear it anymore? Does it still fit well? If the item isn’t deeply sentimental, and you no longer use it, it belongs in pile three.

Photo by Fred Kleber on Unsplash

Step three—check over your desk and bedside cabinets

Study desks and bedside cabinets are like magnets for clutter. Over time, we burden these poor, innocent surfaces with piles and piles of stuff. It’s just not necessary! With the right storage solutions, you can keep your surfaces clean and your mind cleaner.

A simple ‘stuff’ organiser, such as a bedside caddy, is the perfect way to keep your belongings neatly stowed away.

Step four—reuse and recycle

Rather than buying new clothes or bedroom decor whenever you get bored, consider upcycling what you already have. Try turning an old coat into pillow covers, or repurposing your old candle jars into plant pots. Buying new only leads to more clutter—so try to make the most of what you already have.

Step five—maintain!

How many times have you tried decluttering, only for things to pile up again within a few weeks? Maintaining your clutter-free space is essential for stress-free living. Spending 30 minutes a week checking your nightstands, dressers and floors for excess rubbish should do the trick.