Top 7 benefits of being organised




The Top 7 Benefits of Being Organised

While Marie Kondo has certainly put things in perspective for everyone, that is, as far as the advantages that organising or decluttering offer, people still struggle to stay organised. 

So if you’ve been trying to simplify your life through home organisation without success, it may help to know the following seven benefits of being organised.

1. Reduced stress

The human brain is continually scanning the environment for tasks that require effort or energy. If your space is cluttered, it can trigger a stress response. Even worse, the brain can interpret the situation or task as requiring more energy than you can muster. This is why sometimes you may feel your heart racing when your surroundings are cluttered.

On the other hand, if your place is clean and organised, you’ll feel calmer and happy.

2. Better health

With little or nothing to stress you in your clean and organised home, you’ll be able to eat better and feel motivated to follow through on your fitness goals. Moreover, proper bedroom organisation also helps with quality sleep. This way, you’ll wake up each day feeling fresh and reinvigorated.

3. Efficiency and productivity

Having a well-organised home and work area helps people focus and aids in clarity of thought. By working in a space where there are no unhealthy or negative distractions (such as being worried about the used dishes in the sink or a dirty floor), you can concentrate on the task at hand. You are free to finish tasks with less time and effort, thereby enhancing your productivity.

4. Elimination of piles of work

Notice that when you are organised even in performing your daily tasks, you finish everything on time. Else, you may find that slipping in a day or two can mean chores and projects piling up in your organiser. You’ll be feeling tired before you even attempt to catch up on the work that has accumulated.

5. Relaxation

Being organised is a habit that frees up time for leisure or activities you enjoy. There’s no need to rush through everything, and you are free from worries concerning unfinished tasks, projects and chores at home. Since everything is in its place and all due work is done, you’ll have the luxury of relaxation.

6. Time for family and friends

Aside from being able to spend time on self-care, being organised gives you time to spend in the company of loved ones. No hurrying through picnics or postponing or cancelling trips and movie dates.

7. Savings

Can you imagine saving all the money you’ve spent on cab rides, all because you’ve been sleeping and waking up late due to missed deadlines? How about the money spent on food deliveries and takeout because you’ve no time to shop for groceries and cook your own food? If you practise time management the way you organise your home, you take care of everything else, including your finances.

Being organised goes way beyond physically arranging your space - although it's a great place to start. Knowing the benefits of being organised will motivate you to make daily improvements that will, in time, evolve into healthy habits and positively impact your life.