Why good sleep is important?


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Top 3 Reasons Why Good Quality Sleep Is Important

Sleep is an important element of good health and well-being. It’s something you’ll need to do throughout your life. And it’s not just about being able to get the right amount of sleep, it’s also about having good quality sleep.

If being sleep deprived has become a way of life for you, knowing how essential good quality sleep is could help you change your ways.

1. It’s vital for mental health and emotional well-being

Getting adequate quality sleep on an optimal schedule protects your mental health, quality of life, and ensures your safety. To function optimally, the brain (and the rest of your body) requires time to create new neural pathways, and prepare you for the challenges of the next day. It improves learning, memory, decision-making, and helps in the performance of other mental tasks.

Conversely, sleep deficiency can immediately affect your ability to perform certain tasks, such as remembering and driving. It can also harm you emotionally over time. In fact, studies have shown that people who are chronically sleep-deprived are more prone to mood swings, depression, emotional outbursts and suicide.

2. It’s a requirement for physical health

Sleep is a requirement in the restorative and healing functions of the body. For example, it plays a significant role in repairing the damage wrought each day on your heart and blood vessels. For kids and teenagers, sleep is vital for their physical growth and overall development.

Chronic sleep deprivation, on the other hand, lowers immunity, and increases your risk of developing a host of health problems, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

3. Daily task performance and safety

Being able to get enough sleep at the right time is essential for you to function efficiently throughout the day. It helps you stay alert and focused. Chronically sleep-deprived individuals tend to have slower reaction times and lower productivity levels, as they usually take longer to finish tasks. They are also highly prone to committing errors.

Lack of sleep every day may also lead to you having microsleeps or very short sleep episodes that occur while you’re awake. It’s one of the reasons why some vehicular crashes take place with the driver being unaware of nodding off while driving.

Strive to sleep better

Getting into the habit of sleeping on time and waking up seven or eight hours later, feeling refreshed and revitalised may take some time. But there are a few other things you can do other than organising your sleep schedule.

Home organisation, especially decluttering, can do wonders to help you relax easily while at home. The same goes for bedroom organisation where you make your bed a haven for sleep, and not a place for staying on your digital devices or watching television. You can also practise meditation, deep breathing, and yoga.

Try to do all that you can to have good quality sleep, for a good quality of life.