Your simple guide to playroom decluttering: a three-step process

Have you ever cleaned your son or daughter’s playroom, walked away for a few minutes, and come back to what looks like a scene of utter destruction?

When our kids play, it’s never with just one toy. They’ll switch from gadget to gadget like mad, unhindered and unbounded in their curiosity and wonder. It’s a joy to see kids exploring their world so passionately—but it also causes a big mess.

There’s only one word to answer the long-standing issue of chaotic playrooms: decluttering.

Step one: Enlist your little one’s help

The most important step in the playroom decluttering process is to get your kids involved.

Over time, toys tend to pile up. Your son or daughter will have their long-term favourites, but as the years go by, they’ll abandon old toys for newer ones. They’ll leave their raggedy old doll behind and move onto something bigger and better—like a fresh, new teddy.

If your child is old enough, ask them to help you sort through their old toys. Pick out the items they don’t gravitate towards anymore—the toys another child could enjoy with fresh eyes.

Churches, hospitals, and other local organisations often accept donations of lightly used toys. You’ll be doing a wonderful thing for another little Australian, especially as the holiday season approaches.

At the same time, you’ll finally have room to breathe.

Photo by Katie Emslie on Unsplash

Step two: Take advantage of vertical wall space

Making the most of the vertical space on your walls is a superb space-saving solution for playrooms. Try installing a simple shelving unit, for example, to neatly display your child’s favourite books and toys (and keep them off the floor!)

Wall-mounted organisation solutions are especially handy in small playrooms with limited floor space.

Step three: Use versatile storage solutions

Versatility is vital.

Choose storage boxes or shelves that can hold toys, books, and gadgets of shapes and sizes. A bedside organiser, for example, can compactly store novels, plushies, tablets, and more.

Make sure every toy has a place. If there’s not enough space of every toy—repeat step one!

Now is a great time to inspire positive behaviours in your child. When every book and toy have a designated home, your son or daughter will get into the habit of putting their things away. These habits will spill over from the playroom into their everyday life. Your home will be tidier than ever!