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Kiddy | Bedside Organiser for Kids
Barbara S. (Greenwich, AU)
Kids loving having devices handy

All devices organised, off the floor and within easy reach. A top design, and looks great too.

Beddy™ | The Original Bedside Organiser

Couchy | Lounge Room Organiser
Nellie W. (Sydney, AU)
Great idea but just didn’t work for me

Good product, abit small, can fit my iPad but then have to squeeze in my 3 remotes. And very annoyed it doesn’t stick to my couch. Always falls down. Even with the Velcro end it just doesn’t stick. Very dissapointed.

Knife Organiser
Monica W. (Torquay, AU)
Great quality

We love it! It was incredibly easy to install and we particularly love that the magnets automatically space the knives out evenly.

Thanks for dropping us 5-stars, Monica. We're very happy to know you love it.

Love the Beddy!

For ages I have been gingerly stepping over my husband’s iPad when making the bed, as he would place it on the floor after use each night.
Once I saw the Beddy online, I knew I had to have one.
Now he stores not only the iPad, but glasses, earbuds, crossword and pen, book etc.
The bedside table is orderly and no longer cluttered, there is no fear of stepping on technology as it is neatly stored away in easy reach in the Beddy.
Might get one for my side as well!

New Home

I’ve recently moved house and the bedroom was to small to have a side table, the Beddy was the perfect solution. I also got one for my couch to keep remotes and bits and pieces close at hand. Thank you.

Key organiser
Michelle K. (Warragul, AU)
Really happy

Really happy with the key holders. The stickers seems to hold well and they look stylish. Keeps the bench tidy and keys closer to the door without the need for bulky furniture in our narrow entry way.

Great to hear you're happy with your purchase from us, Michelle. Much appreciated

Beddy™ | The Original Bedside Organiser
Suzzanne V. (Helensvale, AU)
My Beddy in bed

Everyone in the family now has one. We al love our Beddy! You don't have to looking for those lost items when you are in bed, as it's always in the handy Beddy. Love!

Beddy Bedside Organiser
Cheryl W. (Melbourne, AU)
Everything in its place

Love the beddy, bought one for myself and everything now has its place, books, glasses, pens, you name it, so had to buy one for the hubby too, great design, colours to suit all, you won’t be sorry

We're very delighted to hear you love the Beddy, Cheryl. Thanks for this awesome feedback.

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Stephanie W. (Sydney, AU)
Exactly what I needed.

I always have clutter on my bed side table. This was the perfect solution to help organise that clutter. I feel quite smug truth be told. It is beautifully made and attractive. I can grab what I want easily my book slides in easily. I just love it.

Knife Organiser
Antonia (Fitzroy North, AU)
Love it!!

I love my new knife rack!! Easy to mount using the instructions and it looks great. Magnets and adhesive strip are both really strong and it just looks great quality.

Thank you so much for your kind review Antonia! Happy you like it x

Knife Organiser
Liam A. (Melbourne, AU)
Couldn’t be happier

I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase, the quality of the item is excellent and it functions without an issue.

Glad to hear you're pleased with your order, Liam. Thanks for the awesome review.

perfect for minimalist style

this organiser is super nice for those who want to have a clear space, it has made my bedside so much more organised and everything i need is in the one space! i love that they have couch ones to i will be investing in one in the near future

Jewellery Organiser
Cassandra V. (Brisbane, AU)
Jewellery wallet

I bought this alongside the make-up organiser and I love it so much! I had all my jewellery stuffed in a drawer and hate when my necklaces got tangled or an earring was lost. With this jewellery wallet I have everything neatly organised and it's easy to carry.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Cassandra. We're very delighted to know you liked it!

Office Stationery Organiser
Cassandra V. (Brisbane, AU)
Office organiser

I use paper notes to organise my work and my desk was always cluttered. I hated the bulky & ugly organisers that you can buy elsewhere. Love the idea of this wall mounted organiser, it cleared up my desk and all my notes are visible and easy to reach. Highly recommend!

Appreciate the recommendation, Cassandra. Thanks again for this awesome review.

Make-Up Organiser
Cassandra V. (Brisbane, AU)
Make-up organiser

I simply love this make-up organiser set! I used to have everything stuffed into a bag and it was a nightmare to find anything. So happy with this purchase!

More than thankful for the great feedback, Cassandra. Thanks again!

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Melissa S. (Melbourne, AU)

It’s great, especially when you don’t have space for a bedside table

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Katie F. (Sydney, AU)

Love this organiser! Works so well, I now have space for my things when my bedside table is taken over with newborn baby products and a bassinet beside my bed.

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Shannon L. (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful, amazing home addition.

We love our MyBeddy’s. My partner rolled his eyes when he got home and saw another organisation friend in our home. However when I was no longer getting annoyed with him leaving his phone cable and the TV remotes laying around, he soon became as happy as I was with the new addition to our bedroom. It brings me so much joy sliding things into the many pockets and they’re out of site inside our beautiful MyBeddy’s.

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Courtney W. (Sydney, AU)

Honestly has been a gift that keeps on giving. I mean, I gifted it to myself BUT it has been the best. My glasses hook onto one of the pockets, spot for the remote, my phone, my spare phone cases live in there for when I'm feeling like a change, some nurofen and strepsils are tucked in the side and let's not forget the drink bottle holder! 😍 I'm so inlove. There's so much more room too!! I've hidden so many little snacks in there and then come bedtime It's like a surprise I've gifted myself with earlier. All from the comfort of my bed. Honestly get them for every person in your household. Run don't walk. AMAZING!! I'll be getting another for my son 😁😁

Beddy XL | Bedside Organiser
Kris R. (Yinnar South, AU)
Awesome idea!

I went looking for a bedside organiser because I thought, surely someone must have invented something as useful as this?? And lo and behold, I come across The Beddy!! What a masterpiece this is!! It holds the perfect amount of STUFF and it has POCKETS!! Plus you had it adorned in pink, my favourite colour 💗 I seriously couldn’t be happier 🤩

Car Backseat Organiser
Mierka G.T. (Cincinnati, US)

Love it!

Thank you Mierka xx

Beddy XL Bedside Organiser
Pieta H. (Sydney, AU)
Bedside organiser

Works great & tidy

Thank you Pieta x

Love my Beddy!

Great size to pop my book, glasses and iPad with room for more.

Thank you Natalie :) x

Knife Organiser
Ashleigh P. (Sydney, AU)
Fantastic quality!

I love my knife block. The colour matches perfectly in our home and the magnets are super strong!

Thank you Ash for your review! We`re really pleased you like it xx