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Love it
Thank you, Sylvia :)
Fantastic product
Thanks for the 5-star review, Michelle!
Best idea ever!
Thanks, Zoe! Unexpected finds are often the best finds :)
Solution to teenage boys messy room!
Hi Karen, great to hear your sons are making use of their new Beddies :)
Best beddy
Hi Melissa, thanks so much for the review!
LOVE this product!
Thanks so much, Catherine!
My Beddy
Hi John, thanks for your review! The measurements of both the Beddy & Beddy XL are listed in the description of each product :)
Great key holder
Thanks for the review, Kirsty! When removing the organiser from the wall, we suggest using the Orange Power cleaner by Planet Ark - it's available at most Aussie supermarkets :)
Best purchase for 2020
Hi Carol, thanks so much for the lovely review. We're glad to hear you're enjoying your new Beddy!
Thanks for the 5-star review, Emma!
Great product
Thank you for the kind review, Narelle :)
Hi Diana! Thank you for your kind review. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with installing the Couchy. They are best used with couches with removable cushions, although if that's not possible, you can try rolling up the elongated flap and wedging it between your couch cushion and armrest :)
Game changer
Thanks very much, Lolli! We're glad to hear you're enjoying your new knife organiser :)
Knife block
Thank you, Rebecca! :)
Christmas surprise
Thank you, Tanya! Great to hear you received your product quickly :)
Love my Beddy!
Thank you, Deborah! The Beddy XL is great for those with lots of bedside essentials!
Absolutely love it!!
Thank you, Lisa! We're glad to hear you're happy with your purchase :)
Thanks for the 5-star review, Anna!
Thanks, Tracy! :)
Excellent 👍
Thank you Karen! The Beddy is a great solution for small units!
No more Bedside Table
Thank you Megan, great to hear you've solved your bedside table troubles :)
Love it!
Thanks so much for the review, Sarah!
Hi Diana, great to hear you're enjoying your Beddy!